Stay On The Right Path…..

Psalm 17:5

{He Is Risen}

Have a Good Easter Friends…

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– Your One Step Away –



{ It’s Good To Be Alive }

Do you deserve life? What happens if you die today, tomorrow or even this second? For us Christians, we don’t care, because we will go to a Place that is greater than earth.. If you don’t want to be scared of Death, turn your hearts to Jesus and confess your sins! Than you will understand that there is nothing to be afraid of death, because ones you die you will be with Jesus Christ who died because of us!



– Hold On –

Just Hold on! Trust God to do everything you can’t do, because He will do it if you ask Him… He says hold on, hold on, I am right beside you, don’t you let go, you let go, I will NEVER leave you…


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